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At PCB You, we are a leading supplier of world-class PCB manufacturing and turnkey assembly services. Our factory is ISO 9001 certified, UL approved ensuring the highest quality standards for our customers. Our PCB’s are RoHS 3 EU2015/863 and REACH compliant as well. We’ve got your Printed Circuit Board’s covered with Global Certifications.

With over fifteen years of experience in the PCB industry. Our team at PCB You has perfected our processes to ensure efficient production and timely delivery. We are committed to becoming one of your Preferred Partners in building long-lasting partnerships with our clients.
We understand that every project has unique requirements, which is why we offer customizable solutions to your printed circuit boards. Whether you need a prototype or large-scale production, we have the capabilities to handle it all.
Partner with us for all your PCB's and Assembly services and experience the difference of working with a trusted and reliable partner like PCB You.

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At PCB YOU, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and support at every step. Whether you are looking for guidance on
manufacturing PCB's, Turnkey Assembly services, or sourcing components we are here to help you every step of the way.

We build what you need

We work with a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large corporations. Providing customized PCB Dielectric Stack ups and Copper weight. Along with a broad offering of RF Laminates, Metal core, Rigid Flex, and Polyimide Flex material solutions for all your circuit board requirements.

Added Value

We offer many Value Added services that include: Printed Circuit Board manufacturing / PCB Turnkey assembly, Injection Molding, JIT delivery programs, Volume Purchase Agreements, or annual scheduled Purchase Orders. We can tailor something for your needs.

Turn times

We offer 2 day to 20 day turn times. For prototype, pre-production, and full production quantities.

No Tooling or Test Fees

Does anybody pay these fees anymore? We never charge for them.

Equipment: Automatic material cutting machine
  1. 1. Improved Production Efficiency: The automatic cutting machine line is a type of automated production equipment where the entire processing process is controlled by a computer system. This results in faster processing speeds and higher efficiency.
  2. 2. Reduced Production Processes: Simultaneously, it reduces the number of production processes and minimizes the handling and transportation of boards during production, thereby lowering the likelihood of scratches on the boards during the manufacturing process.
Equipment: Dust removal and cleaning equipment

After the material is opened, the board is automatically transferred to the dust removal and cleaning equipment

Equipment: AGV

After that, baords are passed to drilling process by AGV

Equipment: automatic loading & unloading drilling machine
  1. 1. More Accurate Precise and reliable positioning, as well as hole size accuracy, ensure the precise assembly of components and maintain consistency between the center of the drilled hole and the center of the pad on the film.
  2. 2. More Reliable High reliability is achieved through modern CNC drilling machines equipped with infrared detection devices and automatic needle breakage alarm systems. If the drill bit size does not meet program requirements or if the depth of the drill bit exceeds the allowable tolerance range, the machine will stop and sound an alarm. It will remain halted until the issue is resolved before resuming operation.
  3. 3. Convenient Operation Once the drilling program is created, and the drill bits are arranged in the specified order according to the program, all subsequent tasks can be entrusted to the machine, which will autonomously complete the process.
  4. 4. Fast Speed, High Efficiency Current high-speed drilling machines can achieve efficiencies of over 1000 holes per minute. In the absence of malfunctions, the machine will continue to work automatically until the program is completed.Additionally, if drill bits experience excessive wear, the drilling machine will automatically replace them with new ones without the need for manual intervention.
Equipment: automatic drilling bit grind machine machine and management system

Our smart system manages drill bit usage and disposal, minimizing human errors and contributing to increased drilling precision and smoother hole wall.

Equipment: Pressing machine
Equipment: Horizontal plating line

Except vertical line, horizontal plating line was introduced.Compared to the traditional colloidal palladium with a particle diameter of approximately 50 nanometers for vertical copper sinking, the particle diameter For horizontal copper sinking is around 0.5 nanometers. Ionic palladium in horizontal sinking has a smaller particle size compared to colloidal palladium, resulting in denser and more ductile hole copper

Equipment: Automactic film pressing line automactic online track
Equipment: Circuit checking machine

High-Precision Inspection: Utilizing a high-resolution camera system and sophisticated image processing algorithms, it can achieve highly accurate detection of minute defects. High-Speed Inspection: Capable of rapidly inspecting large batches, enhancing overall production efficiency. Non-Destructive Inspection: In comparison to manual inspection, AOI inspection equipment does not require direct contact with the items being inspected, preventing product damage.

Equipment: Solder mask LDI equipment

solder mask LDI equipment enhances the quality of SM with small space. Our three-machine consecutive printing equipment ensures high-quality of solder mask plug.

Equipment: Oven
Equipment: Automatic legend printing machine
Equipment: Automatic E-testing machine
Equipment: Automatic appearance inspection machine

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